Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Special Night

Officially, class is on vacation until after the Fourth of July holiday.  However, at Sensei Jon's request, we had two special sessions this week so that Jon could test, and then promote Peter York.  Peter performed his techniques very well.  Congratulations on your promotion to Orange Belt (Rokyu) Pete!  

After class, a small group convened at Ruby Tuesdays to help celebrate Peter's promotion, and to spend some last minute time with Sensei Jon.  As noted in my last entry, Jon has joined the United States Navy.  I am proud as can be of Jon and will miss him very much as he ships out to serve us all in his capacity as Sailor.  Come home safe, my boy.

I hear, through channels, that Michael Doody's ribs are healing.  He looks forward to coming back to class in July.  I did hear from Tsai this week.  He is preparing for his internship in New Jersey as we speak.  Tsai was a visiting Judoka in our class in April and May while serving in a Rural Medicine rotation in my medical offices in Waterville.  

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  1. Congratulations Peter. You have worked very hard for this belt, I was glad to be there to see you recieve it.
    Jon you will be missed by many. I'm proud of you for reaching for your dreams, it takes a lot of courage to make changes in life. Take care of yourself.
    Amy Forbes