Saturday, July 26, 2008

Video(s) of the Week

This week, I'm actually gonna post two videos, sort of.  They are really just the same video, but the second has been altered to show the throws in slower motion.  

Remember this is Kodokan judo; this is sport judo which comes from roots in jujitsu.  Lots of the throws are very similar to what we do, but some reveal significant differences.  
These videos highlight our shared heritage.  Kodokan does a great job teaching people to throw at real speed against resistance.

Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Best martial arts flicks of all time...

I am looking to make this blog a bit more interactive.  As such I would like to ask each of you in the group to suggest your personal favorite martial arts film, and why you think that film is the best ever.  Add it to this post as a comment.  I want to see how well this works out.

I will start with my own personal favorite:

Above the Law, starring Steven (I'm gonna waste you **s) Seagal.  This movie features a lot of hard hitting, directly to the floor jujitsu.  It also provides a bit of history on aikido and its relation to jujitsu.  That, and Stevens hair at the time looked a lot like mine.  I felt tough by association!


Video of the Week

I am starting a new feature for this blog.  I will highlight a video each week--one that relates to our jujitsu class.  This week, the video will be a formal judo kata.

These guys are godans (5th dans) in kodokan judo.  Many of the throws they do will look very familiar as they come from jujitsu.  Think of this kata as comparable to a karate kata.  That is the exercise the single karate students perform to learn techniques.  In judo--and jujitsu--so much of the emphasis is on manipulating the opponents momentum that is virtually impossible to perform solo katas.  

Welcome Aaron

Aaron Saucier, a really strong, really athletic young man joined our class tonight.  It was nice to see Aaron back.  He wandered into class with his Dad the night before we started our hiatus.  I worried I might have lost him, but, thankfully, not so!  Can't wait to see that boy in a gi!  (Aaron, that's a uniform, in case you didn't know.)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome back...

I remember watching Welcome Back, Kotter when I was a kid.  Well, I feel like I'm watching a whole new bunch of Sweat Hogs come back for their third try at passing 8th grade!  

Yes, I have changed the lists.  Get over it!  

No, I'm just kidding.  Everyone seems to have responded very well to the changes I made over the month-long hiatus.  The new rank requirements will make us all more adaptable, effective martial artists.  Remember, I have added absolutely nothing.  I have removed dozens of techniques from the requirements, and rearranged many more.

Peter came back sporting his new orange belt.  I could just hear his brain thinking, "Boy, I'm glad I got promoted before the change in requirements!"  Pete was in rare form, reversing Christopher's throw with a nice sume gaeshi (I'm betting he didn't even know this technique had a name) to take Chris down for the pin.

Joe Larsen had Chris's number tonight as well, putting him away with a guillotine choke after Chris followed my instructions about going for Joey's leg with more than just his arm.  Joe had some great jokes tonight tonight as well.  Great to see him back.  Overall, I would say Chris did an excellent job leading most of the class in spite of being greatly distracted by Brionna, who was watching for part of the time.  I'm sure I have a gi that fits her, too!

Ian Klane wandered in tonight as well: the return of the Prodigal Son, so to speak.  He was pleased to know he wouldn't have to surrender his rank as payment for his absence.  He worked very patiently with Katie Gallant, though I suspect his sunburn contributed to his tolerance for simpler techniques.  Truth be known, Katie is a stud!  She rocks like Journey on the Escape album, like Van Halen in Jump, like, like, like Donny Osmond in Puppy Love!  I'm looking forward to Katie's promised gymnastics demonstration on Wednesday.  She is going to do a reverse apple turnover!

Jamie Smith did come in tonight.  She is going to take a little time off from class as she adjusts to Jon's departure for the Navy.  We all miss Jon, but, I'm sure can speak for the rest of the class in saying that I know she misses him most of all, and that we love her very much and want to be a support to her through this.

Lastly, don't forget to download and print out the latest list from the link below to the senior lists.  Bring it to class to keep your notes.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Fun

Ah, now that was a nice rest!  I've had some time off work.  I have recharged my batteries, and I'm looking forward to starting back up again on Monday, July 7th.  

I have some exciting changes planned for the class, as we start back up.  There should be some nice surprises.  I look forward to seeing you all there in nice white uniforms on Monday.  Make sure you bring your notebooks, please!