Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big Changes

I want to start by mentioning an event that happened two weeks ago, and expressing my thanks.  Chris Charlebois, Amy Forbes, and Katie Gallant helped me set up for, and teach a jujitsu clinic at Camp Tracy, The YMCA's campground in the Belgrade region.  We had a great time teaching two groups of young people about our art.  It gave the students an exposure to something different, and provided us with a platform to roll out our new class at the Boys & Girls Club, and YMCA at the Alfond Youth Center.  We got great reviews, according to Renshi Craig Sargent.  Thanks for all the help folks!

Our move the Alfond Youth Center has gone over without a hitch.  I moved the mats out of Champions and over to the AYC with Chris's help.  We had our first class on Thursday.  I was very happy to see Aaron Saucier back.  He is playing football, and came to class after a 26-0 victory over an opposing team.  I appreciate that commitment Aaron. 

Sensei Tracey Charlebois plans to attend the Thursday night classes.  She brings her years of experience in jujitsu with her, as well as her new love of Tae Kwon Do.  She studies that art with Master Julienne Begin, in Skowhegan.  

The new dojo is beautiful.  I very much appreciate the welcome we have received from Renshi Craig Sargent, and Renshi Ken Walsh.  Let's make this class grow!  

I hope to see you all Sunday.

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