Saturday, August 22, 2009

Schedule Change

The fall schedule is upon us, and necessitates a schedule change. Amy, Sue, Frank and I spent some time at the dojo last Monday trying out different mat arrangements. We should be able to accommodate both junior and senior students in the same mat space, using a rotating station model. Effective immediately, the new schedule will return to the one we used last year: Mondays and Thursdays from 6-7, and alternating Sundays from 9-11 AM. Because of the Labor Day Holiday, the first Sunday in class will be September 20th. Sunday sessions will be for senior class students only. The new schedule is reflected on the calendar below. I am sorry if this poses a hardship for anyone, but it is unavoidable.
This video highlights two Brazilian techniques that closely match several of the techniques we do in Danzan. Though they sometimes seem to take undeserved credit for inventing the wheel, I think the Brazilian stylists do an excellent job keeping their art focused on applicable street techniques. They're so much fun to watch.

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