Sunday, June 27, 2010

Luau Baby!

Shoshin Ryu Maine will be hosting its first Annual Summer Party on July 18th, at Sensei Rich's house. The theme is Hawaiian this year. We will start at 2 PM and go 'til roughly 8 PM, unless compelled by the Hawaiian Party gods to proceed later.
We will be having a fun work out, swimming in the pool, a Hawaiian style Bar-B-Q, and some games for the yonen (children) afterwards.
Bring whatever you want to drink, and one large Hawaiian-themed dish to share. I will be roasting pork and chicken on the spit. For the adults, we have a blender...

Parents and siblings are welcome. Each person should bring a gi (if a student), bathing suit, towel, camp or folding chair, and a change of clothes (Hawaiian style, if you have it--colorful, if you don't).

RSVP by email, please, using the link on the right. I will send directions to my home when I get the e-mail.

Also, it would be helpful if people who are planning to attend would comment in the comment section about what they are planning to bring as a dish to share. Things we need for sure:

1) Chips and salsa
2) Garden salad
3) Fruit salad (think pineapple, people!)
4) Hot wings
5) Rice dish
6) Pasta salad
Otherwise, be creative!

This party will replace our usual Sunday workout that weekend.


  1. This came to me from Jamie Boudreau (nee Smith)

    Well i am sorry but i will not be attending the luau but i am sure it will be uber fun!!! Class is most definitely missed in my heart. I see you have some new students fun!! Hawaii is exciting and pretty!! I have been to the Country Bar which is on base ans lots of fun. I have been to Waikiki beach, A park next to China mans hat but i forgot what it is called sorry, and i have been to Weinea bay. There is a swap meet here which is uber fun!!! My house is very nice ans soon i will have a couch and loveseat!! I have been making lots of friends!! At the park by china mans hat when Jon and i were swiming out there with a bunch of friends it was fun. The reef was soo pretty with little fish and sea urchines. Than I got stung by a jellyfish. It felt like numing pain up my arm and thigh. I asked jon if he feels that tingle sention and he was like no... then i knew something happen but I am okay don't worry. On the Fourth of july i was floating on a floaty in Waikiki and the wave was crashing into me it was awesome!!! I did have a kitten but i gave him back because i am going ot have my kitty be sent to me!! My neighbors can get pretty loud at times. I miss everyone in class!! It was really weird at first not going to class but i am sure i will walk throu those doors again some day. Well that is all i have been up to in a nutshell.
    Your student and good friend, Jamie P.s. Feel free to read this out in class they might like to hear about my adventures!!

  2. Jennifer Grant is bringing chips and salsa

  3. Sue and Frank are bringing Pasta salad and maybe more chips and salsa

  4. Cory and Dakota will bring Fruit salad.