Friday, March 26, 2010

Victims of our own success

Last Thursday, we had 13 junior students in class. I love working with the kids. They require a lot of attention, however, and so we will be making a change to the schedule. Everyone will start at 6 PM as usual. The youngest kids, though, will be excused at 6:45. The oldest kids (including the adult kids) will have my undivided attention until 7:30. This has the effect of extending class by 30 minutes for any senior students who care to participate.
The Sunday schedule will stay the same. Our next scheduled Sunday falls on Easter, so there will be no class.
Part II of the video series on "Perfecting the Shoulder Throws" is attached. His throws are picture perfect. Notice that even though Sensei Katanishi bumps uke backward, the kuzushi is all toward uke's front. Simply awesome.

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