Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cendana's promotion

Cendana Auger, 13, joined our class last summer.  She's smart, friendly--and now she is a Kukyu! She wears a white belt with an orange stripe the length of the belt.  Congratulations Cendana, you deserve it!  Cendana, and her family will be traveling to Asia later in the winter.  I wish them a safe trip.  

Of additional note, Joey's pants fit him, though they need a hemming. 

 I have also changed some of the photos of the class around a bit, so the slideshow on this blog should now see a bit fresher.

There is now a link on this blog to the complete junior and senior lists.  If you need a copy to use for notetaking, feel free to click the link and save a copy of the document to disk.  

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